It's all about the little Things.

For the last 30 years, hardware has been one of the hardest things to understand and new product development has been a challenge, making a prototype much less a production device has been a massive challenge.

Things have changed, literally!

Now a software engineer with little to no understanding of hardware can create a simple device that connects to the Internet. With the "Open Hardware" movement over the last few years things that were difficult or impossible can now be done by anyone.

With a complete TCP/IP stack on a chip that includes SSL and a very simple programming interface using the C/C++ langauge, devices can be "Hacked" to do anything you want. WiFi, Bluetooth LE even GPRS is now so simple.

Connected "Things" can be as simple as a device that collects tempurature data and sends to a server over a simple Rest/JSON API or much more complicated to include Business Rules to detect changes, create alrts and even send commands using Business Rules.

If you think of a "Thing" that simply collects data and sends to a server, you have to accept that there are two major parts. The Server API that needs to exists and then the device side firmware.

We halp with these two components. We provide an API server that you can connect and use to send data to, this contains a simple API to store your data and also retrieve it. We also provide firmware to help you get your devices connected fast.

We provide the Server components which are Java J2EE based as an Open Source project that you can use in your own data center, we choose Java since it is the number one programming language in use today for Enterprise Systems and also has years of security built into the language and supported platforms. The firmware is all C/C++ based and also Open Source to you can take what we have created as a foundation and make your own changes.

We have over 30 years of experience working in many industries and can bring solutions to life and help you get going.