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Learn IoT iPhone Development Today

Complete Kit only $199.99 USD

Kit contains: 1 - BLE Dev Board, 1 - Relay Board, 1 - Tiny BLE Dev, 1 - IoT Power Relay, Power Adaptor and Micro USB Cable and access to source code for Simulators and sample apps for iOS, apps are in the Swift programming language and require XCode 7 on a Mac OSX system.

Learning IoT has never been simpler. Get the right hardware with the industry standard devices.

Get Examples and online classes to get started with iPhone BLE programming with IoT devices.

These devices go along with our classes that you can find on

Our devices are not un-programmed out of the box like you can get from other vendors, we customize our devices. We install working software on the devices. You can focus on the Mobile programming.

You can program the devices if you want but you do not need to do anything to get them going.

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