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What is IoT

IoT - "Internet of Things" is the latest technology buzz word but is also the biggest change in how we think. We have created an eco-system to help your IoT dreams come true. Focused on Enterprise Solutions we provide both Device Firmware and Server Components matched with a unique Rules Engine to help you deliver the most powerful experiences possible. We provide an integrated platform but also Open Source. This means you can run the software on our servers or your own.


Super fast prototype development. Use our hardware development boards and create something fast or use open source hardware.


Its all about getting Online. see put the Internet in IoT. Use our firmware and Open API's to connect and manage devices.

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Developer Guides

Learn about IoT and how to get connected Fast!

Video Training Training Videos. IoT, Java API's, iOS Development, Push Notifications and more

Hardware Kits

ESP-8266 Programmers, ESP-12e devices, Arduino 101 (Intel Curie) boards.

IoT Resources

Use our IoT Resources to build your dream IoT project. We can connect you with hardware and software providers around the world. We have a massive connection to IoT / Embedded developers from many countries to assist in your solutions who can provide help from concept to final product.


Get help with Feasibility, Research and Design for your ideas.

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